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Resolving Boundary Disputes

With proper legal representation, boundary line disputes can be resolved in an efficient and cost-effective manner. At Gettinger Waldinger Monteleone Gushue & Hollis, LLP, we have the experience and background in real estate law needed to obtain timely resolutions to boundary and adverse possession issues.

Boundary Line And Adverse Possession Disputes Throughout Westchester County And Surrounding Areas

Property line disputes between owners of adjoining land are common, and they often involve disagreements over the landmarks or lines that mark the edge of their properties. These types of disputes and allegations of encroachment disrupt relations among neighbors. Frequently title insurance policies exclude minor encroachments from coverage. Where the matter cannot be resolved amicably, costly litigation could result in re-drawn boundary lines and loss of property.

Adverse possession results when a person occupies another’s land in a specific manner and for a lengthy period of time and becomes the owner of that land. Whether the adverse possession doctrine applies will depend on the facts in each situation. We can help you determine if adverse possession may be a factor in your dispute, and we will help you weigh the available legal remedies to resolve your dispute.

If someone is occupying your land or if you believe that you have satisfied the requirements to gain title to land through adverse possession, we are prepared to analyze the facts, review your title insurance policy, and take the steps necessary to protect your interests.

Contact An Experienced Boundary Dispute Attorney

For more information about boundary line issues and how our real estate lawyers can represent your interests, please contact our law office at 914-595-1468.