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Legal Guidance For Housing Agreements

At Gettinger Waldinger Monteleone Gushue & Hollis, LLP, we offer personal, tailored and experienced guidance to condominium boards. Boards are often made up of volunteers who are not attorneys and who at times need support in understanding the roles, responsibilities and requirements of condominium administration. We can help.

We stay abreast of changes and developments in the law and advise boards as to the necessary updates to policies that must be made. We negotiate major construction contracts and vendor agreements and provide skilled dispute resolution services. We also provide representation before administrative agencies and are experienced litigators.

An Established Firm For Condominium & Homeowners Associations and Housing Cooperatives

With decades of experience, our attorneys have helped hundreds of board members resolve a variety of real estate and board member disputes. These issues include:

  • Creating or modifying proprietary leases, by-laws and rules
  • Establishing owner and board election protocol and disputes
  • Construction contracts, vendor agreements and liens
  • Defense of board members if litigation is brought by a unit owner
  • Collection of common charge arrears, including bankruptcy-related litigation
  • Resolving disputes between shareholders and board election protocol
  • Defense of board members in litigation initiated by shareholders
  • Defense of discrimination and personal injury actions
  • Defense of Fair Housing Act claims
  • Preparation of easements and licenses
  • Analysis and litigation of insurance coverage issues
  • Financing of capital repair and replacement projects
  • Actions against sponsors/developers for breach of warranty or faulty construction
  • Function as cooperative transfer agent

We offer accessible legal counsel and representation for condominium boards, co-ops and HOAs. Depending on the issue, we work independently or as a team to resolve your case in the most cost- and time-efficient manner.

The Resolution And Guidance Your Board, Association or Co-op Needs

At Gettinger Waldinger Monteleone Gushue & Hollis, LLP, we understand New York condominium law. Our team of attorneys is prepared to help. Call 914-595-1468 or send a brief email regarding your issue, and we will respond promptly.