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Skilled Guidance For Community Boards

Owning a home in a condominium, homeowners association, or cooperative (community association) is quite different from owning a single-family residence. Homeowners in a community association give up some of their personal freedoms and agree to abide by the community association’s bylaws, rules, and regulations. They also give up their right to manage and operate the property in which their homes are located, giving this right to a governing board which is elected by the homeowners.

Advising these boards (which consist of owners who volunteer their time to manage the common elements) on the intricacies of unit owners’ rights and responsibilities is of vital importance to the community association law attorneys of Gettinger Waldinger Monteleone Gushue & Hollis, LLP. We are knowledgeable in this unique area of the law and stand ready to advise boards and their managing agents as issues arise. Having represented over 100 boards through more than 25 years, we are prepared to efficiently provide practical solutions to the frequently recurring issues arising from community association living.

Select A Knowledgeable Community Association Lawyer

At Gettinger Waldinger Monteleone Gushue & Hollis, LLP, our experienced and accessible lawyers assist boards of condominiums, homeowners associations and cooperatives and their managing agents on a wide variety of legal matters, including:

  • Interpretation and analysis of the declaration, bylaws, rules and regulations of the community
  • Amendment of declarations, bylaws, rules and regulations
  • Enforcement of declaration, bylaws, rules and regulations, including the litigation of actions for declaratory judgments and injunctive relief
  • Commencement and prosecution of actions to recover money judgments for outstanding common charges and assessments
  • Filings and foreclosures of liens for outstanding common charges and assessments
  • Preparation of notices, proxies, and ballots for annual and special meetings
  • Defense of discrimination and personal injury actions
  • Defense of Fair Housing Act claims
  • Preparation of easements and licenses
  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts with vendors
  • Analysis and litigation of insurance coverage issues
  • Financing of capital repair and replacement projects
  • Actions against sponsors/developers for breach of warranty or faulty construction
  • Function as cooperative transfer agent
  • Dispute resolution

Work With The Experienced Community Association Legal Team

From offices in Mount Kisco, New York, we advise and represent clients and HOA and condominium  boards in communities throughout Westchester County and the Lower Hudson Valley. Contact us via email or call 914-595-1468 to arrange a consultation with an experienced community association law attorney at our firm today.