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Serving Real Estate Professionals Throughout The Lower Hudson Valley

The Westchester County real estate attorneys at Gettinger Waldinger Monteleone Gushue & Hollis, LLP, have many years of experience representing real estate, land use and zoning clients, both large commercial developers, and individuals looking to subdivide their residential land. We bring the same level of sophistication and attention to detail to this area of the law as we do to our other practice areas.

Our lawyers understand the numerous technical and environmental requirements that affect land development, whether imposed by local or other New York agencies. We work and coordinate with technical, environmental, design and planning consultants, including those retained by our clients or hired by the municipality.

We are often known to the individuals serving on the local boards (or have served on them ourselves), as well as the town and municipal employees who manage the process. This helps smooth what can often be a cumbersome and lengthy process.

At Gettinger Waldinger Monteleone Gushue & Hollis, LLP, we offer a full range of land use services, including the following:

  • Environmental compliance, including SEQR counseling, impact statement drafting and coordination with professionals
  • Processing and handling applications for site plan approvals, area variances, use variances, special use permits, and boundary line changes before local planning boards, zoning boards of appeals, town boards, and other municipal agencies
  • Preparing, processing and handling applications to change zoning or other laws or legislative acts that impact real estate, whether commercial, residential, or both
  • Representing developers and individuals who are involved in property disputes

Land Use Permissions • Approvals • Permits • Variances

We represent developers and individuals applying to local regulatory bodies, such as:

  • Municipal planning boards
  • Zoning boards of appeals
  • Town boards
  • Other local agencies

This includes:

  • Assistance in preparing the applications and the application process
  • Appearing before the regulatory bodies
  • Attending hearings
  • Working and coordinating with other involved professionals
  • Addressing conditions or proposed changes

Experienced Mount Kisco Land Use And Zoning Attorney

Steven Waldinger and Charles Banks collaborate within the real estate zoning and land use area of practice at Gettinger Waldinger Monteleone Gushue & Hollis, LLP. Mr. Waldinger has more than 20 years of experience and served for eight years on a local zoning board, including four years as its chairman. Mr. Banks has practiced law for more than 40 years. He also served as the supervisor of a local town and has been a town attorney.

From offices in Mount Kisco, New York, our lawyers advise and represent clients in communities throughout Westchester County and the Lower Hudson Valley. Contact us to arrange a consultation with an experienced Westchester County real estate attorney at our firm today.