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Is your HOA overwhelmed with nuisance complaints?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2022 | Homeowners' Associations

Being President of the HOA is a challenging and sometimes thankless job. The whole point of the organization is to keep your neighborhood friendly and looking great. Everyone who moves in receives a copy of the HOA bylaws, which are the HOA’s way of trying to maintain peace among neighbors.

This morning, another nuisance complaint came across your desk. The Millers are unhappy with the decorative flag that their neighbors have placed in their front yard. You do have regulations about such things and will do your best to remedy the situation, once you deal with the 46 other items in the nuisance complaint pile. As you size up the pile of complaints, you can’t help thinking that there must be a way to reign in some of them.

Handling nuisance complaints

In order to resolve the complaints made to the HOA effectively, follow these tips:

  • Make sure every homeowner has a copy of the bylaws. Share updates to the bylaws in a timely fashion by posting them on a webpage or sending everyone an email or letter.
  • Your bylaws should be detailed so as to clearly explain how complaints are handled. When a complaint comes in, handle it promptly and according to the bylaws.
  • Notify the homeowners against whom the complaint was made in a timely fashion. Give them a time frame within which to address and correct the issue to comply.

You may have to step in and mediate if the issue continues to escalate. Contact an experienced legal guide to help you through the resolution process.