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When do you need legal help to resolve a zoning issue?

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2022 | Real Estate

Land use laws like zoning regulations help protect the public. The careful planning of local real estate development reduces the likelihood of individual property owners or entire communities suffering large financial losses due to changing characteristics in their communities.

Large industrial operations right next to a small neighborhood of single-family homes could reduce the value of those properties. Additionally, proper zoning can encourage better environmental practices and reduce the health risks of industrial and commercial operations. Most neighborhoods are eager to enforce and maintain existing zoning rules for the stability of property prices.

For businesses seeking to expand operations or possibly change what they do at one of their properties, zoning laws can be a major hindrance. You may not be able to use or develop a property with the existing zoning. When might you need an attorney to help you resolve a New York zoning issue?

When accused of a zoning violation

Zoning violations can lead to expensive fines and also orders to cease performing certain business functions. Businesses accused of zoning infractions could suffer hardship if they do not fight back against the claims that their operations at their current facility are inappropriate given the current zoning.

When they require a variance

Sometimes, local authorities will cooperate with a business intending to use a property for a different purpose than the current zoning would allow. Zoning variances can be difficult to obtain but very valuable for a company hoping to make use of a specific piece of property.

When they want to change the zoning

As complicated as it may be to secure a variance, changing the zoning for a specific parcel can be even more difficult. From performing an impact analysis to finding out the opinions of the local community and how likely they are to support the endeavor, there are many steps that are easier to manage when there is a lawyer supporting the business that hopes to change the zoning for a property.

Small mistakes on paperwork and other oversights when addressing a zoning issue could lead to lengthy delays or failure. Connecting with the right support when zoning issues present a challenge for your business’s plans will make it easier for you to overcome those challenges.