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Can an HOA make rules about holiday decorations?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2022 | Homeowners' Associations

People often join a homeowners’ association (HOA) because they want to enjoy the amenities that come along with living in that community. They may also enjoy the relatively uniform design of the community that makes things feel comfortable and inviting.

In order to create this atmosphere, the HOA will usually have a set of rules that people have to follow when they decide to live in that community. Since the holiday season is coming up, you may be wondering if they can rule in a way that restricts holiday decorations.

Time limits and dates

It is true that an HOA can restrict holiday decorations in numerous ways. For instance, some of them will establish a date that people have to wait for before they can put up these decorations. An example could be saying that people cannot decorate their house for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. You can also establish a date by which these decorations have to be taken down.

Offensive decorations

In some cases, residents of the HOA may complain that decorations are offensive. This can get to be a bit tricky because everyone has different opinions about what makes something offensive and it’s unlikely that everyone will agree. However, an HOA can say that certain types of decorations are prohibited within the rules.

If you run an HOA, the most important thing is to ensure that all residents are informed of these rules and potential fines or other consequences for breaking them. If a dispute arises and the resident will not comply with the rules, you may need to know about your legal options.