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Do You Need A Lawyer For Buying Property?

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2020 | Firm News

Buying a home or other piece of property is one of the largest and most significant investments a person can make. Many people do not realize this and do not understand how the law is intertwined with these types of transactions. Legal issues are not uncommon during real estate purchases and having an attorney can help you ensure your transaction goes through smoothly.

What Does A Real Estate Lawyer Do?

Most people recognize the need for a real estate agent, but a real estate lawyer can be just as important to the process. Real estate lawyers can handle different aspects of the process and help you avoid disastrous consequences, secure a fair deal and handle many of the more complicated parts of the process.

Real estate lawyers can:

  • Ensure transactions and agreements are legally sound and comprehensive
  • Answer legal questions
  • Handle any negotiations on your behalf
  • Explain the tax consequences of a real estate purchase
  • Explain and evaluate the brokerage agreement
  • Explain and evaluate purchase agreement to ensure it aligns with the law, addresses all potential issues and is fair
  • Handle title search and review the status of the title
  • Ensure closing is handled properly and all documents are executed appropriately
  • Settle any last-minute disputes

Having an experienced attorney present during all steps of the property or home-buying process can help you avoid costly legal issues and ensure you are getting a fair deal. A real estate attorney can give you peace of mind when making these extremely large purchases.